Apparel Engineering & Design Agency

AEDA is dedicated to make it easy for clients to off-load their “not fit in daily business” projects into capable hands.

With a broad offer of services, each project can be customized to the requirements of the client and will be tackled with maximum efficiency and result driven solutions.

No matter if it is a quick 1 day job or a multiple week/month project, at AEDA we are there to get it done.

Owner Yvonne Berger has fundamental experience in the apparel industry starting with an apprenticeship as a dressmaker, has a bachelor degree as Garment Technician and Pattern Maker and over 15 years of working experience across the fashion, sports, outdoor and corporate industry. She has depth knowledge in manufacturing with superb understanding of fitting, paper pattern making and workmanship as well as cost, time and quality management.

All this knowledge will be put into each project to determine the best possible way to get things moving, solutions found and projects done.